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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Last month, the CEO approved a new initiative, codenamed Project Amplify. The effort, which hatched at an internal meeting in January, had a specific purpose. Use Facebook’s news feed, the site’s most important digital real estate, to tell people a positive story about social networks. According to three people who knew about this effort, pushing Facebook-backed news items (some of which were created by the company) would improve the image of the user’s eyes. However, the move was sensitive because Facebook hadn’t previously positioned the news feed as a place to hone its reputation. One attendee said some executives at the meeting were shocked by the proposal. Project Amplify has suspended a series of decisions Facebook made this year to actively reshape its image. Since its January meeting, the company has embarked on a multifaceted effort to change the story by distance. Zuckerberg From scandals, reduce outsiders’ access to internal data, fill in potentially negative reports about the content, and increase your own ads to showcase the brand. This move will lead to a major shift in strategy. For years, Facebook has faced a crisis after a crisis over privacy, misinformation, and hate speech on the platform by publicly apologizing. Zuckerberg has been personally responsible for Russia’s intervention on the site during the 2016 presidential election and has loudly endorsed freedom of speech online. Facebook also promised transparency in how it operates. However, we do not forgive the beating of criticisms of various issues such as racist speech and false information on vaccines. Dissatisfied Facebook employees are angry at leaking internal documents in opposition to their employers. Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an article based on such a document showing that Facebook knows about much of the harm it causes. As a result, Facebook executives concluded that there was little way to calm criticism or gain support, and decided to continue the attack earlier this year, six people who did not reveal their identities for fear of retaliation. Current and former employees said. “They know they won’t come to their defense, so they have to do that and say for themselves,” said Katie Harbus, a former Facebook public policy director. Said. This change involves Facebook executives from marketing, communications, policy, and integrity teams. Alex Schultz, a 14-year company veteran who was appointed Chief Marketing Officer last year, has also influenced his efforts to reshape images, five people who worked with him said. But at least one of the decisions was driven by Zuckerberg and everything was approved by him, three people said. Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne denied the company changed its approach. “People deserve to know the steps we are taking to address the various issues our company faces — and we will share those steps widely,” he said. Said in a statement. For years, Facebook executives have been plagued by the appearance of their company undergoing more scrutiny than Google and Twitter, current and former employees said. They said Facebook was apologized and noted that it provided access to internal data. As a result, executives held a virtual meeting in January to break down more aggressive defense ideas, one attendee said. The group discussed using news feeds to promote positive news about the company and to place ads linked to favorable articles about Facebook. They also discussed how to define a professional Facebook story, the two participants said. In the same month, the communications team discussed ways to weaken executive reconciliation in responding to the crisis and decided to reduce apologies, two people familiar with the plan said. Zuckerberg, who was intertwined with policy issues, including the 2020 elections, also wanted to change his position as an innovator, people said. In January, the communications team distributed a document containing strategies to keep Zuckerberg away from the scandal. This is partly due to the focus on Facebook posts and media appearances on new products.Follow this thread on OUR FORUM.